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No problem! We are able to provide special financing options for your new heating and air conditioning products.  Getting the proper equipment for your home is an investment and we work hard to make that investment as easy as possible with our financial partner, Synchrony.  An easy online application is available by clicking the button below.

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cooling systems



Our premium line of Tempstar® air conditioners include some of the most quiet, efficient cooling products for enhanced home comfort levels. Outstanding summer dehumidification for more comfort in warm weather. 

We install the economical Performance Series air conditioners as well as the Ion™ System Control and an Ion Series indoor unit for our ultimate home comfort experience.

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heating systems



Our high-quality Tempstar® gas furnaces can help provide whole-home comfort all winter long. And with our variable-speed blower motors, these furnaces can help manage your comfort during warmer weather by working with your cooling system to pull humidity out of the air inside your home.

We install the budget-friendly and efficient Performance Series gas furnace, the double gas QuietComfort Series gas furnace and the top-of-the-line Ion gas furnaces that can provide whole-home comfort all winter long.  

Review our brochure and call today to speak with a comfort specialist to decide which system is right for your home. 

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WaterFurnace® residential geothermal heat pumps keep homes comfortable in every climate. That’s because we unlock the free, renewable solar energy that’s stored in the ground. WaterFurnace delivers comfort the natural way—and cuts your energy bills by up to 70% in the process.

A geothermal heat pump is the greenest, most efficient, and most cost effective heating & cooling system available. That’s because it uses the free renewable solar energy stored in your backyard rather than burning fossil fuels. But what’s really impressive is the level of comfort it provides. Our systems operate for longer periods at lower speeds, making the home consistently comfortable all year round. You have to experience it to believe it.

WaterFurnace Geothermal

Air cleaners



GeneralAire® offers a wide variety of residential whole-house indoor air quality solutions using the latest in indoor air technology.

These air cleaners are only installed by a qualified HVAC contractor with a thorough understanding and training of the GeneralAire® IAQ products.

We protect you and your family by ensuring clean, healthy and comfortable indoor air quality throughout your home.


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mitsubishi split systems



Mitsubishi® Electric cooling and heating systems offer efficient, individual room control with allergen filtration and no ductwork — thanks to amazing new technology. It’s precise comfort like you’ve never experienced — even in difficult rooms — without the worries of a giant energy bill.

We install these extremely versatile systems in individual rooms that are hard to reach by traditional heating/cooling systems and in rooms where you want to avoid the energy waste of heating/cooling rooms you do not regularly use.


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Aprilaire® products provide the ultimate in comfortable indoor air comfort. Maintaining the right humidity level throughout your home not only helps keep your nasal passages and airways healthy, it helps reduce colds and the flu. Even the common cold can be controlled with proper humidity. 

When appropriate, we highly recommend the installation of humidification control systems. You’ve invested a lot into your home’s features and contents. An Aprilaire humidifier can help keep your possessions protected. Furniture, hardwood floors, musical instruments and electronics are all safer when your home is properly humidified.  Additionally, optimal humidity can help you stay warmer at cooler temperatures meaning you can lower your thermostat and save energy.


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