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We proudly sell Tempstar furnaces & heat pump systems providing smart and efficient heating systems to keep you and your home warm and toasty.



Tempstar air conditioning systems are some of the most quiet and efficient home cooling systems providing affordable comfort on the hottest summer days.


Once your systems are just how you want them, our maintenance plans make sure everything is kept in great working order.


air quality

We know that quality indoor air is critical for good health. Our systems will remove gases, chemicals and other pollutants that cause headaches, allergies & fatigue.



A WaterFurnace geothermal comfort system can provide savings of up to 70% on heating, cooling and hot water – with comfort you have to experience to believe!


have you been frustrated by hvac companies who:


Don’t  communicate with you in WORDS you can understand and make you feel like they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes?

Truesdel’s Comfort Specialists understand that you are not HVAC specialists so they explain products and services in a way that makes sense. We welcome as many questions as you have.  We love to talk about heating & cooling!

Don’t listen to what you really want or need and seem to sell you a “one-size-fits-all” solution?

Truesdel’s Comfort Specialists ask a number of questions about the physical space you want to heat/cool, your primary concerns and your personal definition of “perfect” before we put together your custom HVAC plan.  We want to be sure that what we provide is exactly what you need.

Don’t seem to care what the project looks like when it is complete – they leave trash and track mud into your house as they work?

Truesdel Heating, Cooling & Maintenance’s motto is “We Take Pride in Everything We Do and that applies not only in how we install your systems but also in how we treat your home, your property, your family and even your pet!  Quality is that important to us!

We provide a number of indoor Air Quality products that remove:

  • PARTICULATES such as dust, smoke & pollen
  • GERMS such as bacteria, fungus & viruses
  • GASES such as odors & toxins

We care about the air you breathe



We may not be able to change the air outside but we can make a world of difference inside your home!


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Financing Available!

We are able to provide special financing options for your new heating and air conditioning products.  Getting the proper equipment for your home is an investment and we work hard to make that investment as easy as possible with our financial partner, Synchrony.  An easy online application is available by clicking the button below.


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Meet our dedicated HVAC Services team

Mark Truesdel has been providing heating and cooling services for over 35 years. In 2007, Mark formed Truesdel Heating, Cooling and Maintenance, LLC which has grown to become the largest HVAC company in Owen County. Providing customers with a well-trained team dedicated to ensure every customer receives our very best service is our commitment to you.

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